Chain Saw & Mower Blade Sharpening

Chain Saw & Mower Blade Sharpening Featured Image

We have the equipment and expertise to keep your chain saw and mower cutting at peak performance.   You expect a turnaround in under a week unless it is peak season.  We also carry a large selection of chains and blades if you need a spare.

Hunting, Fishing & Dog Licenses

Hunting, Fishing & Dog Licenses Featured Image

Mountain View Supply is your one-stop shop for licenses.

We offer:

  • Pennsylvania hunting licenses
  • Pennsylvania fishing licenses
  • Berks County dog licenses

Hydraulic Hose Repair/Replacement

Hydraulic Hose Repair/Replacement Featured Image

Minimize downtime with our hydraulic repair and replacement service.  We carry an extensive line of hoses and fittings, and most repairs can be done while you wait

Key Cutting

Key Cutting Featured Image

We carry a large selection of keys to ensure you never get locked out again.  Our key cutters are well-trained to ensure that you do not have to come back multiple times to have a key reworked.  Trust us next time you need a key!

Propane Fills

Propane Fills Featured Image

It’s a fuel for the future that consumers have relied on for over 90 years. It’s a gas. It’s a liquid. And it’s one of the world’s cleanest, most versatile sources of energy. Each year, nearly 60 million Americans use about 18 billion gallons of this remarkable fuel in their homes, farms, businesses, and industries.

Propane use falls into three broad categories:

  • Residential applications
  • Commercial & industrial applications
  • Agricultural uses

In the residential and commercial markets, propane is used primarily for space heating, water heating, clothes drying, and cooking. Industrial customers use propane generally as a motor fuel to power over-the-road vehicles, forklifts, and stationary engines, to fire furnaces, as a cutting gas, and in other process applications. In the agricultural market, propane is primarily used for tobacco curing, crop drying, poultry brooding, and weed control. Propane is clean burning and, when consumed, produces only negligible amounts of pollutants, that’s why propane is the safe, “go anywhere, do anything” green energy source for all seasons.

Stihl Power Equipment Repair

Stihl Power Equipment Repair Featured Image

When it comes to Stihl repair, look no further.  Our certified technicians will ensure that your Stihl power equipment it operating to its fullest potential.  From basic maintenance and tune ups to complete overhauls, we can handle it all.

Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange

Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange Featured Image

The Thoroughbred Welding Gas program features cylinders in a variety of sizes, perfect for hobbyists, farmers, and contractors.

  • Nobody makes it easier to exchange a cylinder than we do!
  • Exchange your empty for a full Thoroughbred cylinder (contents only)
  • Purchase a full Thoroughbred cylinder (contents and cylinder)
  • Choose from up to six different cylinder sizes!